If you are a carnivore, substituting such plant foods as fruits, veggies & beans for 1 serving of red meat a day cuts your saturated fat intake by 15% & reduces your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes & obesity.  Eating a 3 oz. serving of meat daily was linked with a 16% greater risk of death from cardiovascular disease & 10% from cancer.  
The risk for lovers of bacon are even higher.  A new study from University of Zurich found that eating hot dogs, sausages, cold cut & other processed meats increased your risk of prematurely dying by 44%.  
Going veggie 1 or more meals a week can reverse the risks. 
This article was written by Stacy Masand for the August issue of Pilates Style. 
To optimal health, fitness & wellness always, Kim.




Red beets are rich in Anthocyanin, a phytochemical antioxidant that not only gives the veggie it's gorgeous color, but it protects your brain from oxidative damage and age-related memory decline. 
When cooking beets, keep the skin & root in tact to prevent bleeding of the red pigment (and nutrients).  
This article was featured in the August issue of Pilates Style and written by Peggy Kotsopoulos. 
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For years doctors have advocated people at high risk for heart attack take an aspirin daily, but the pill may help control high blood pressure. And taking it at bedtime is the best time (according to a study in the American journal of hypertension). Prehypertensive people who took 100 milligrams of aspirin before bed lowered their blood pressure significantly enough that researchers believe the habit could delay the need for hypertensive drugs by up to 15 years. (Morning aspirin saw no benefits). 
At night, aspirin reduces the activity of renin, an enzyme that raises blood pressure. And as your body reaps the benefits of a truly healthy day, you can rest easy. 
This article was taken from the June issue of O mag.
To optimal health,fitness & wellness always Kim.